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SMARTER Sampler Mailing......

Here are the links for the right size mailers 

Thank you flowers-


Pink Cheetah-

Lipstick kisses-

Yesterday I dropped off two pampering mailers that I already used Pirate ship-spent about $3 on each. I asked my postmaster what he would have changed and he said $1.60 soooooo we are paying too much.


He gave me a few examples-5oz -$1.80, 3.6oz -1.60, 8oz - 2.4so in a cello bag with a stuffed beauty book it’s cheaper than Pirate ship. Of course you can’t track it and you have to buy stamps. I bought .55 cent (1st class) .35 cents and some .10 cents.


You can even write a check to USPS and include a note of what stamps you want and your carrier will deliver them in your box the next day....Hope This helps!

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